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Basics of Forex Trading Psychology


Successful forex traders understand how to manage and remove their emotions when trading. This result is achievable through overcoming greed, habitually employing risk management strategies, and following a consistent trading plan. However, identifying moments of emotional trading and detachment that ring back into an approach might be challenging to achieve. Let’s dig deep into the topic of trading psychology.

What is Forex Trading Psychology


Trading psychology refers to the emotions and mental states influencing trading success or failure. Trading psychology represents the various aspects of a person’s character and behaviors that affect their trading actions. Trading psychology can be as important as knowledge, experience, and skill in determining trading success.

Discipline and risk-taking are two of the most critical aspects of trading psychology since implementing these aspects are vital to the success of one’s trading plan. Trading psychology is commonly associated with fear and greed, although hope and regret also play roles in trading behavior.

Basics of Forex Trading Psychology

People that trade in various financial markets have versatility in talents leading them to win the trades. The first thing that jumps to mind is genuine knowledge and experience in the trading market; nevertheless, it is equally important to maintain a proper mindset and not yield to impulsive, emotional responses.

According to the trading psychology definition, traders who remain reasonably calm and rational have a better probability of generating larger payouts. Furthermore, they can even minimize the amount of loss they take.

Here are some behaviors that jump in whenever you are trading.

  • Fear of a loss during drastic market fluctuations
  • Anger from losing funds   
  • Impatience for getting large payouts right away
  • Greed for getting more and more of the payout

Tips for building strong Trading Psychology

Here are a few tips for building solid trading psychology and eliminating negative emotions like FOMO and greed.

Develop a Routine

Trading is frequently a solitary pursuit that may be lonely and lead to traders succumbing to FOMO. To tune out external chatter, try to eliminate distractions and focus on identifying significant market spots and opportune trade entries. Avoiding social media, ungrateful attitudes, and greed can help in this process.

Take Joy from Trading

While trading should be treated as a business with integrity, trading without joy will make traders more susceptible to falling into a fear of missing out mindset. FOMO is caused by insecurity, envy, jealousy, and greed. Once a trader grasps this concept, this truth, they will be able to cast off the reckless emotional state of FOMO and trade with maximum potential.

Avoid Greed

Consider greed to be the polar counterpart of discipline. Traders that are well-prepared, disciplined, and consistent are considerably less likely to succumb to greed due to their extensive pre-trading preparation. That is why it is critical for every forex trader to adhere to trading plans consistently; otherwise, the likelihood of slipping into an emotional trading state is much greater.

Bury the Ego

An inflated ego may alter how a trader would ordinarily identify and execute specific trade setups, negating risk management tactics and being a leading cause of failure. Traders must also accept that winning every trade is impossible and that challenging losing streaks will test them to their core. While no trader wants to lose money, with proper risk management and trade discipline, traders may build account equity even if they have more losing trades than winning trades.

Trade with Intent

Trading the foreign exchange markets simply because you can is a recipe for disaster. Trade with intention is achieved by adhering to consistent strategies and risk management parameters. Finally, don’t push trade entries since you typically place ‘x’ amount of trades every day. Ask any successful trader; they have undoubtedly gone days or weeks without trading but have stayed the course, weathered the storm, and come out on the other side.


When faced with uncertainty, take a step back and detach yourself from the situation. Can you identify the negative thoughts circulating through your mind and replace them with positive, can-do thoughts? If that is not the case, you should re-evaluate the markets to determine if you are trading with intent or if the markets are not in your favor. Finally, bury your ego to an unrecoverable depth and invest with the greater picture in mind.


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