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Interview with one of our biggest cashbacker (Cashbackcloud review part 1)

Honest and real reviews on the internet can be very hard to find. Especially in the forex and gambling industry where there’re a lot of scams and fake or paid statistics and reviews. Cashbackcloud review is hard to find also. To counter that phenomenon we started a series where we ask one of our users from time to time to share his/her experience with our readers. We’ll talk about how our service helped them to succeed and what else they do to be the biggest traders or players on Cashbackcloud.

So, let’s learn their secrets and tactics! We will try to reach users who are on the highest cashback level (Diamond level with around 80% cashback rate). Our goal with this project is to slowly form a helping, caring community, so those with less experience can learn from the experience of our veterans.

Without further ado, let me introduce you to Béla Fazekas (known on the username of fxBela). He has been with us since the beginning. Now he is one of the biggest sharks you can find in the Cashbackcloud ocean. He is currently writing his own ebook about Forex trading, and how to get started.


Cashbackcloud: Let’s start at the beginning. When and how did you get started with trading?

fxBela: It was 4 years ago, when all my friends graduated, and one of them started trading full-time. Eventually he made nice amounts and I got curious about it, so I asked him to help me. I’ve read a lot of books since then, watched a lot of people trading, asked a lot of questions, and thankfully because everybody was really helpful I’m now a full-time trader. When I started making around $500-$1,000 a month I knew I was on the good track.


Cashbackcloud: That’s great, and in such a short time. How did you find Cashbackcloud, and with only a few years of trading experience, why did you think that using it actively could help you in the long run?

fxBela: Because my friends were among the first registered users, and I trusted them. Therefore I registered at Cashbackcloud. To tell you the truth I was kind of suspicious at first. But I could add my account without giving any sensitive information about it so I decided to give it a try. I also wrote an email to my broker to link my exiting account and I even asked them whether my trading conditions are going to remain the same. They ensured me that everything is okay. The next day, my account got verified and I started receiving Forex cashback.

It wasn’t really a lot at first because I traded in quite small volumes. But it was something. I kept coming back to the site every day and I watched my cashback account growing. In a few weeks I went over $50, so I asked for a withdrawal to my Skrill account. That was the moment of truth. 🙂 I received it the next day. That was the moment when I truly believed that’s a real thing. 🙂

It’s really free money like you say. I don’t want to overstate, but my profitability has increased by 2-3%, and that’s pretty much for a service I don’t have to do anything more than I did before. Now that I’m trading in higher volumes it means thousands of dollars monthly.


Cashbackcloud: Those are nice numbers! Can I ask which broker(s) you use, and about how much has your monthly profit increased with cashback?

fxBela: I have two accounts, one at FXPro, and the other ECN (MT4) account at IC Markets. And about my profits – I can’t tell you exactly, because my cashback rate was increasing continuously. Now it’s 86% with which I’m kind of satisfied. (I’m Diamond, I invited two of my friends who became active traders) With this 86% I think I can manage to get a +2-3.5% extra profit, depends on how much I trade in a month. It’s not just a safety belt for me, I utilize Cashbackcloud to increase my profits. I get back 45-50% of the spreads and commissions I pay for my brokers. I mean that really makes a difference. The only thing I’m sad about is that I didn’t register sooner!


Cashbackcloud: I can tell that 86% is one of the highest cashback rates on Cashbackcloud. Can you tell us how the 86% has got together?

fxBela: If you trade with high volumes it’s not that hard. Earlier when I was a smaller trader I received around 50-60% cashback rate. For now, well, I’m Diamond level (75%) I did some of the promotions: added a Skrill account, took a survey, reviewed the site, etc for +5%. Plus, as I mentioned, I invited two of my friends who trade actively as well so that’s +6% on my cashback rate.


Cashbackcloud: Did you have time to try other cashback types with us? Can you tell us about your experiences?

fxBela: Unfortunately, I didn’t. I do have a Skrill account connected though, which adds a little cashback whenever I purchase something with my Skrill card. I might try binary options in the future. I’m 100% sure that I will create a Cashbackcloud account for that too. 🙂

Cashbackcloud: Thank you for the interview! Good luck in the future for your trades. It was really great to hear that you’re this happy with us.


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