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Forex cashback for starters

Hello Everyone,

First let me introduce myself, my name is Ádám Kovács, and I am the newest member of the ForexCashbackCloud team. My main goals will be to keep every trader of our site well informed about our forex rebate offers and as satisfied with our services as possible.

To accomplish these goals, I will publish more and more articles regarding our forex rebate system, brokers or any other forex promotion our at this article section, and of course I am always ready to respond to any of your questions, just send an e-mail to: [email protected]

For starters I wanted to clarify the role of our site between the forex brokers and the traders.

What is

Short answer: we are the middleman between brokers and traders. It is important to highlight this to further understand that we are not biased toward any broker in specific, and that throughout our work we try to represent both the interests of our traders and our brokers in equal.

Lets see how our business model works:

1. You open a trading account with a forex broker chosen from our list of brokers. (so NOT directly with the broker and of course it means you already registered to our site before).

To tell the truth, it is really up to you to decide which forex broker you want to trade with. Naturally we want to provide all information we could gather on the brokers, most importantly what cashback and other bonuses they offer, but it only means we want to provide every information for our traders to make their choice easier.

2. You start trading as you possibly did it before. It is also worth to note, that we do not require anything else that you otherwise would do at a broker, we have no minimal trade quantity requirements, we have no minimal deposit requirements.

3. For doing so, the forex broker agrees to pay us, the middleman, a “finder’s fee” (we call it cashback), which is equal to a portion of your transaction fees every time you place a trade. As you see we get more cashback, when you trade more, so it is basically an interest of ours to provide everything in our power for you to be a successful trader.

4. At last but not at least we pay you, the trader, the majority of the cashback, this is what is called a rebate. There are several payment methods you can choose from to receive your rebate.

As a summary this is a win-win-win situation. The forex broker gets a new trader, our traders get the rebate, and we, the middleman, gets a small portion of the cashback for connecting you to one of our broker.

I hope you found this article useful and it helps to build a bit a of a trust towards our services. In my next article I will describe our unique rebate system which makes our deals the best which can be found on the internet. Till than if there is any question you want to ask, please go on and send a mail to [email protected].


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