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Binary options and IQ Option cashback

Loss protection at IQ Option is the most useful deal on the market for every binary options trader. With this type of cashback, you can trade with low risk and you don’t have to worry about loss: even if you lose, you will get money. Let’s see how it works. Firstly, you need to open a new account on IQ Option through Cashbackcloud to be under our affiliate network. Then you just have to trade like always and we get commissions from the broker after each loosing trade. Every time we receive this commission, we share this money with you as cashback. For example, you lose $100 and you can get even up to $38.25 (it depends on your level and your boosts). And for this the only thing what you have to do is trading since before. In conclusion, it sounds like a good deal isn’t it?


How could the IQ Option cashback help to save people’s ambition and money in real life?

Take a look at an example. We had a trader, to be easier we named him Andrew now. He liked to make binary option trades but he always put high risk with high numbers to the trades. After a while he got a very bad month. He constantly lost and he started to run out from his money. Once he put a big amount of money, $10 000 on a trade but for his misfortune he lost. It was a very big cut for him but luckily, he had a loss protection deal so he got 4000$ as a cashback from us after this loss. Thanks for this money he could continue to trade and started to earn money again naturally with our loss protection deals.
If you got interested in loss protection deals or you just want to learn more about it you can contact us via -mail, visit our page or you can register now.



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