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Monthly Roundup: New and Improved Forexcashbackcloud!

Happy October! After a relaxing Summer, the team is roaring into the autumn with some new improvements that we know you’re going to love.


What are the three most significant things that have changed this month?


October Roundup: Updated: Cashback Level System, New Withdrawal method, and a new cashback balance system.


We are determined to focus on user experience and providing the best cashback service, and the September updates are the first big step in that direction…


What else has changed since last month?

4 additional improvements to get your last quarter kicked off in style.

If you thought those three updates were exciting, wait until you see what else the team delivered for you this month:

  • Updated Cashback boost
  • Updated Referral program
  • Updated Cloud Club system
  • New Forex tools


What are the most important or valuable things to know about these changes?

We focus on user experience and providing the best cashback service to our users.

As you know, this quarter our team is laser-focused on user experience and providing the best cashback service. Here are just a few data points on how you’re getting more of both of those things with September’s release:


  • Updated Cashback Level System: 
  • cbc-new-leveling
      • We have completely reorganized the cashback levels. There are no more than 6 different levels and no need to reach the levels again every month. We count your cashback points all the time.
      • As of today, there are only 2 levels; Entry level, 60% cashback rate (All new registrations start with this amount), and Expert level, which means an 80% cashback rate. If your current number of cashback points reaches the required number, you are already at the Expert level! How cool isn’t it?
      • Learn more about it here:


  • New Withdrawal method:
      • You can withdraw your money right into your trading account without any transaction fee.
      • From now on we have launched a new withdrawal method, called Direct Broker Transfer. 
      • You can set up a manual or automatic direct payment request also.
      • That means after you collect cashback, you can withdraw your money right into your trading account without any transaction fee.
      • For example, you traded at Roboforex and received a $10 rebate on your cashbackcloud balance. If you choose the direct broker withdrawal, we can transfer the amount to your Roboforex account, without any transaction fee.
      • Remember that this payment method is not yet available at all brokers.
      • Find out more about the details here:


  • New Cashback Balance:
      • First of all, we wanted the balance system to be more transparent, and secondly, it was necessary to develop it because of the direct broker transfer.
      • You can see the details of your balance, i.e. how much rebate you got from Roboforex.
      • So you can withdraw the earned cashback at Roboforex directly to your Roboforex account.
      • Learn more about it here:


  • Updated Cashback Boost:


      • The cashback boosters are also fixed. We do not reset them every month. If someone has reached it, it remains active for an unlimited time.
      • With the cashback boost option, you can get +5% cashback, so you can increase it to 85%. You can get the extra 5% with these options:
        • +2% if payment is requested in crypto or direct broker transfer
        • +1% FB like & share
        • +2% for survey completion
      • Find out more about it here:


  • Updated Cloud Club System :
    • The cashbackcloud cloud club level has also changed.
    • So far, it has required collecting 10 million CBC points, which is a lot, so only a few users have been able to achieve this.
    • This changes to two levels:
      • When you collect 5,000,000 points, you’ll join the elite members of the Cloud Club and you will receive an iphone (Worth $1,100).
      • When you collect 7,500,000 points, you’ll join the master elite members of the Cloud Club and you can buy electronics worth $3,000.
    •  Learn more about it here:


  • New Forex Tools:
    We have added a forex tools menu item on our website where you can find the following:
      • Economic calendar
      • Currency converter
      • Pip calculator
      • Margin calculator
      • and a Cashback calculator is available on every Broker’s website.
    • We hope that these tools will be useful to all of you!
    • Find the tools here:


What do I need to do? 

Keep trading and get as much cashback as possible!


How do I learn more or get help?

Questions or concerns about anything we’ve rolled out this month? As always, get in touch with us anytime.


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