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Strategies for Forex Traders with Day Jobs

Strategies for Forex Traders with Day Jobs 

There are very few people that can trade forex full-time. Traders who must make their trades at work, lunch, or at night discover that in such a volatile market, trading sporadically over a small portion of the day results in missed opportunities to buy or sell. These missed opportunities might spell disaster for the part-time trader.

Some part-time trading strategies may be implemented despite the danger of missing out on opportunities. For example, those who trade at night may be restricted to the variety of currencies they may trade based on volume throughout the 24-hour cycle. These night traders should use a plan of trading certain currency pairs that are most active overnight.

The primary issue for a part-time trader is, you guessed it, time limits. Here are some strategies for trading part-time if your schedule is unpredictable.

Strategies for Part-time Forex Traders

You’ll be working for a limited time as a part-time forex trader; therefore, you’ll need a trading style that reflects that. Working with the right trading style can assist you in sticking to your schedule and trading plan. Then you may use the forex trading strategies for part-time forex traders listed below:

Use your trading time wisely

There can be instances when there are no good trading opportunities available at the time of day you have set aside for forex trading. Instead of doing anything else, spend this time learning something new. Review your past trades, perform some backtesting, and look for new strategies to explore. Other than trading, there are other things you may do to help your trading.

Keep a trading journal

Keeping a trading journal may be difficult, but it is something that will pay you back many times over in terms of knowledge and increased skills. At the absolute least, your journal should detail your trades, why you took them, closed them, and how well you stuck to your trading plan.

Always keep the proper trading mindset

Recognize that there will always be trading opportunities in the forex market, and don’t be disappointed if you miss a potentially profitable trade because you aren’t always in front of your charting and trading software. Instead, focus on creating a trading strategy that works perfectly with your trading schedule.

Don’t obsess over your forex trading

Remember that forex trading does not pay your bills or feed your family. It will help if you concentrate on your day job while keeping your forex trading as a sideline. You may eventually transition to full-time trading, but keep your part-time forex trading in perspective till then.

Choose your currencies wisely

Remember in mind that you only have a limited amount of trading time. Choose not to trade currencies that need an amount of babysitting. Part-time forex traders that are successful make the best use of their time by trading currencies that are readily available within their trading window.

Keep your trading simple and direct

There are certain currencies that are easier to understand since they are the most widely used. Many traders have tried and tested them throughout many decades of trading. Focus on these easily accessible currencies for the best chance of making consistent profits. 

Be disciplined at all times

Discipline is essential for success in almost any endeavor, but it is important for the part-time forex trader. Following your trading plan is one example of this discipline. If your plan calls for you to take profits right away, it is the best course of action. Don’t hold a trade that goes against your plan just because you “hope” or “feel” it will continue to work in your favor. 


The primary ingredient of part-time trading is relying on the daily chart time frame and learning to trade in an “end-of-day” strategy, which is the core day job trading philosophy we suggest in this regard. Mastering this approach will allow you to fit trading into any schedule, no matter how hectic it is.


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