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Top News Websites for Forex

Top News Websites for Forex in 2022

If you are a forex trader, you are probably aware of how much global events and news impact the forex market. It will undoubtedly disrupt your trading plan, but if you learn to trade the news in the right way, you can succeed in the forex market.

There are numerous forex news websites nowadays, but the issue is which is the best forex news website or which one is the best forex fundamental analysis site! A few websites may provide news frequently, while others may produce research-based articles seldom.


There is no better source for financial news than Bloomberg. It is a 24-hour source of news, analysis, and economic statistics. It serves as a treasure trove of news and entertainment for individuals looking for something to do in their spare time.

The webpage is separated into tabs for easy navigation and reference (Commodities, Stocks, Rates & Bonds, Currencies, Futures, Economics, Fixed Income, ETFs, and Sectors).


Financemagnates is a forex trading website designed specifically for individuals who understand English and Russian. Users can choose between English and Russian or vice versa.

The website has a wealth of news, information, events, thought leadership, and other useful elements, making it a valuable resource for any forex trader. On the website, both visitors and registered users are welcome.


To learn more about the forex market, visit Fxstreet’s extensive list of forex brokers and their real-time news and analysis. They also offer currency exchange rates and a comprehensive economic calendar.

It is considered as one of the greatest forex websites currently available. Cryptos have their own section, and there are some nice design touches across the website.


When it comes to online forex trading, Forexfactory is one of the best. It is accessible to everyone with an internet connection on a computer or mobile device. It’s easy to use and has an excellent design.

Furthermore, the currency calendar on the website may be customized to match a specific need, such as the previous seven days or the following week. The website also has an extensive directory of forex brokers.


Forexpeacearmy is the hub of all the action. Personal experience-based information on this site is typically verifiable.

Over the years, their guidance and investigations of some forex service providers have helped their customers save tens of thousands of dollars in their forex traders’ court.


The Forexcrunch website is created to seem like a blog page due to its emphasis on simplicity. Despite its simple design, it contains all of the information required for a good forex trader.


Investopedia is a website that provides financial and investment information. Because of the extensive information supplied on the ‘academy’ page, this website might justifiably be referred to as the “University of Forex.”


To recap, despite its seeming simplicity, trading on the news is a complex that requires not just knowledge but also perseverance. The trader must consider many aspects, such as the past index value, the prognosis for the news, chats, and rumors that occurred on the eve of the release.

The investor must identify the nearest levels to which the price can travel in the event of a favorable or bad outcome. You must remain as calm as possible throughout the news announcement and resist emotional inclinations. Yes, all of this is challenging, but the payoff is substantial. A single piece of excellent news can replace the profit from a dozen mundane everyday transactions.


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