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Long-term versus Short-term Trading

Long-term versus Short-term Trading | Pros, and Cons Explained Forex trading is suitable for both long-term and short-term investment goals. The decision to trade forex long-term vs short-term is ultimately yours. Both short-term and long-term trading in forex has pros and cons. Understanding the market and following your financial objectives is the best way to …

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Trading Based on Economic News

Trading Based on Economic News | Indicators to Follow  Many short-term traders base their decisions on the market solely on technical analysis and price charts. Traders frequently disregard fundamental factors for price trends, analyzing support and resistance levels, and weighing various signals from technical indicators. On the other hand, fundamental analysis is vital in today’s …

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Basics of Forex Trading Psychology

  Successful forex traders understand how to manage and remove their emotions when trading. This result is achievable through overcoming greed, habitually employing risk management strategies, and following a consistent trading plan. However, identifying moments of emotional trading and detachment that ring back into an approach might be challenging to achieve. Let’s dig deep into …

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